dress in watercolour

dress in watercolour 01
dress in watercolour 01
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© christina choi
dress in watercolour 02
dress in watercolour 02
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dress in water colour

●  description : freehand drawings

 size : A4

note :

I have always been interested in clothes and studied Fashion Design at Central Martins College of Art and Design in London.
I started drawing this kind of illustration since I was a child and began to draw smaller ones like this when I was at high school.

I have got more than 150 sheets of black and white drawings as well as a lot of watercolour ones.

At first, I just drew it for fun, just to give myself a simple pleasure.
At the time, like many other high school students, I was living under huge pressure and stress, and it was the only way
that I could escape from harsh reality.

The dresses were exactly like my life of the time.
I dreamed of many things, but in reality, most of them were not allowed for me.
However, I felt that drawing the dresses freed my soul and it took me to somewhere of my imagination.

I dreamed about going to a ball wearing the dresses like a princess or Cinderella.
I went to the cocktail party on the fancy yacht.
I went on a picnic with my friends inside the beautiful woods.
It all happened in my imagination.
The dresses carried my wishes, desires and emotions.

Maybe that's why especially girls are growing up playing with Barbies and paper dolls.

It's not just playing with the dolls, but it's dreaming.


I played with the dolls, too but wasn't satisfied with the ready-made clothes for the dolls, so I made my own dresses for my barbies and I drew my own designs on paper.

It wasn't just because the dresses were not pretty enough, but I felt it wasn't me.

This gift book is similar to it.

The book provides with a very personal space in which they can dream about what they wish for.

They choose the dresses they like among the stickers given and put them on to the pages of the book.

They will write their thoughts, schedule, note or poem and will start to draw what they want, anything they like.

And they'll eventually realise how their emotions transform and how to transform their emotions into the book.

Then the book will finally be completed by the user.

It's not just about fashion design, but it is about one's life.


When I was at high school, almost every girl was crazy about this.

They wanted even a tiny piece of it or the photocopies.

And when I showed them to my director at Saint Martins, he was just completely fascinated with them and told everyone to come and see.

He said "I completely understand you. Do whatever you want."

Clothes are not just the things that merely cover the body.
They are the most intimate means of expression.
I think that is the most significant difference that distinguishes clothes and fashion design from other forms of art.
That may be why a lot of people are fond of clothes, but not everyone can afford what they want.

I hope people can dream about their own clothes and finally make their dreams come true through this book.