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you are in blue!
you are in blue!
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one fine day
one fine day
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tracing the memories

When I bought this raincoat,
I didn't know what was going to happen soon.

Later, it became a perfect coat for London.

I cannot predict what will happen in the future
but whenever looking back upon the days,
I see there were thgins that link the past and the present

I like blue.
I love the coolness.
I adore the colour of the ocean in the sky.

Tracing the memories of the clothes is like tracing my life back.
It was one sunny bright day in the summer.
My friend said

You are in blue!

One fine day
We had a party

in the beautiful garden
and I wore a black dress.

I often wear black.
It's safe,
it's gorgeous,
and it's beautiful.

© christina choi